Uncorking the Best of Napa Valley with Trefethen Organic Wines


by The One World Deli Team

Ask any self-respecting oenophile and they will say that a trip to Napa Valley is a must. Even the experience of seeing the picturesque rows of vineyards while passing along this vast territory and the promise to take a luxury wine tour around a prominent winery to get an exclusive taste of an estate’s wine selection is thrilling for a true wine aficionado.   

Unfortunately, a wine vacation to any of Northern California’s charming vineyards right now is just a fantasy still waiting to happen. What a bummer.   

What’s a wine lover got to do to have a quick taste of Napa Valley? Enter Trefethen Wines.   

You cannot talk about the history of Napa Valley wines without mentioning Trefethen. The single-family-owned winery has been in the business since Napa Valley started to become the wine country that is now known today. In 1979, one of its earliest accolades was winning the Best Chardonnay in the World category in the Wine Olympics for its 1976 vintage Chardonnay. It was unheard of at the time when French wines were dominating the competition years prior. Subsequently, Trefethen also produced incredible-tasting Cabernet Sauvignon that could rival its Old World wine contemporaries.  

But before establishing itself as one of the most respected and multi-awarded wineries in the country, did you know that the Trefethen family needed to replant its whole 500-acre vineyard not just once, but twice?   

The first time was during its initial year when the first-generation Trefethen was establishing their brand. The second time was the most crucial when a devastating phylloxera plague almost wiped out most of the Napa Valley’s wine industry in the 1980s. Hoping to start anew, the situation gave Trefethen Family Vineyards the chance to revolutionize its entire farming approach and chose to follow a more organic and sustainable direction. Today, Trefethen has become a vanguard of vinicultural innovations and has rightfully earned its Napa Green Land certification and Napa Green Winery certification, respectively.   

So what does this mean for you, fellow wine lover? Think about it. You’re not only indulging in one of the best organic wines made in Napa Valley, but you’re also supporting a brand that upholds the best sustainable practices without sacrificing its commitment to producing high-quality, prize-winning vintages they are known for!   

Yes, a trip to Napa Valley may be a California dream for now, but in the meantime, pop open a bottle of Trefethen and experience the best of Napa Valley through one of its most-celebrated organic wines.