About Us

As your newest source of everything delicious around the globe, One World Deli thrives in giving you, fellow culinary enthusiasts, a mindfully curated selection of premium ingredients and beverages that best tell your story. We’re proud to carry products made by international purveyors and local food artisans who are as passionate about their craft as you are with yours.

Here, you’ll find a cool collection of cooking inspirations for the modern cook. These include recipes for both kitchen newbies and professionals, food product history, engaging food stories, and easy-to-follow video tutorials.

We also consider it our mission to build a food community that values sustainable causes—from ensuring that our selected goods are made responsibly as well as supporting the people and brands that produce them. We promise to give a quality customer experience through our commitment to transparency.

So why choose One World Deli?

We scour the world markets with the best ingredients that’ll surely elevate your mealtime—whether it be an intimate gathering of friends and loved ones or a pleasurable meal for one hungry gourmand.

After all, it’s your food story to tell, we’re just here to help you enjoy it, one meal at a time.

What makes a great meal?

Is it the time and effort you take to cook it? Is it because of the people you share it with? Or is it the mix of exciting and nostalgic flavors you take indulge in with every bite?

One thing is for sure—it all starts with the ingredients.

You know what we’re talking about. It’s the absolute thrill of finding the perfect ingredient that inspires you to discover new flavors, nourish those around you, impress even yourself, and most of all, tell your story as a cook.

So, whether you’re craving for a Mediterranean feast, an ol’ fashioned Texan-style barbecue, or recreating your grandmother’s heirloom dishes, One World Deli is here to guide you on your food journey.