Alcalá Oliva is a family-run business established for olive groves cultivation and olive oil production and it is in Jaén, where more than 20% of the olive oil world production is concentrated. Since the very beginning of their activity, their objective is to bring the authenticity and benefits of this extraordinary product closer to the consumer, in an honest and transparent way.

They are the pioneers and specialists in the manufacture of their own single-serve – MINIOLIVA -which has become our distinctive sign. The idea was born from the concern of Santiago Pérez Anguita, owner of the company, who considered that the single-serve products available in the market at that time, were quite uncomfortable to use and one always ended up spilling oil all over. The inspiration came from the observation of the olive tree fruit, the olive, and the conviction that the image required to measure up with the excellence of the product. Their packaging combines an attractive olive-shaped design and an easy and clean dosing system.

The company has kept innovating for more than 20 years now with the purpose of making possible for everyone to enjoy a high-quality extra virgin olive oil along with a wide variety of dressings, such as vinegars, vinaigrettes, and natural flavoured oils.