Today the pasta factory Antiche Tradizioni di Gragnano is a model for efficiency and quality of production. The headquarters was set up in the heart of Gragnano, a town famous for the production of dry pasta since the sixteenth century, where almost the entire population was involved in the various pasta factories and where it still continues to be handed down a know how from generation to generation.

They only select 100 % Italian durum wheat in bag and of the best farm.

The other essential element: the water, is given by the near source of Faito Mountain.

Once chosen ingredients, the master pasta maker sifts the durum wheat, to control the purity of the product before starting production.

Their pasta is bronze die. The bronze die and slow drying process give to the pasta the typical roughness that allows a perfect union with the sauce and condiment.

Dried in static cells where they control humidity and temperature at least for 24h, to preserve the natural quality and taste of the product.