Trout vs Salmon. What are Their Similarities and Their Differences?

Trout vs salmon. What are their similarities and their differences?

by The One World Deli Team

Salmon has grown to become one of the world’s most popular fishes. Rich in long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, fish lovers are fond of salmon for its distinct flavor and health benefits. But a lot of people haven’t met salmon’s close cousin: the trout.  

Since they come from the same family, it’s challenging — but not impossible — to distinguish the flavors between salmon and trout. They actually even look quite similar with only a few key distinctions. For one, salmon (a saltwater fish) tend to be longer, smoother, and slender, and its head is more pointed and angled. Conversely, trout (a freshwater fish) have rounder heads and are more noticeably covered with spots.  

Other than these visual differences, you can notice the distinctions between salmon and trout in terms of their texture and taste. Salmon meat tends to carry much more fat which gives it a richer and stronger flavor. Meanwhile, trout is also known to be rich and luscious, albeit carrying a lighter and fresher taste. As such, trout is perfect for those who still want to enjoy the experience of eating salmon, but without the overbearing fishiness in taste and smell.   

Their textures are also quite similar—both are considered to be more delicate, and require caution when handling as compared to other fishes. Trout, however, has a slightly creamier and more luscious texture when eaten sashimi-style as compared to salmon.  

In terms of serving suggestions, you can treat trout just as you would salmon. Whether that’s grilling, baking, pan searing, poaching, or frying, both fishes are just as delicious and nutritious. Although, the margin of error in cooking trout is just slightly higher than salmon. It’s best cooked within medium rare to medium range to prevent it from drying out due to less fat content. Also, due to trout’s neutral flavors and lesser fat content, it’s actually able to absorb more seasoning and marinade which makes it the better blank canvas for marination.  

Whether your choice of fish for the day is salmon or trout, both are sure to offer you plenty of nutritional benefits (like protein, vitamins, and minerals), and leave your palate satisfied.