5 Ice Cream Topping Combinations to Try Out

5 ice cream topping combinations to try out 

In these parts we all scream for ice scream, and who can blame us? It’s delicious! If you’re an ice cream fiend like me, here are a few ice cream toppings you can try out, apart from your usual sprinkles and chocolate syrup.

Olive Oil + Sea Salt 

One of the most classic ways to enjoy flavors like vanilla or straight up chocolate ice cream is by healthy pour of fruity olive oil and a small sprinkle of good salt. The olive oil adds a complementary note, and the salt counters the sweetness to balance it out. It sounds a little weird but it’s DELISH!


Being indulgent doesn’t mean opting for junk. Add some pizzazz to your ice cream with a stream of glistening honey. It’s the right amount of sweetness, coupled with a ton of antioxidants. For an added layer, give it a good sprinkling of granola for some crunch.  

Popcorn + Syrup 

Sweet and savory is always a winner. Dare yourself to try sweet and salty combinations that are out of the box. My current pick is some white cheddar popcorn on ice cream, with a drizzle of organic coconut flower syrup. If you want to add an extra sprinkle of salt, no one’s stopping you.  


For those that like to layer a mix of sweet and tart, fruity jams on ice cream make a fun combination. Go classic with a spoonful of strawberry jam, or be a little adventurous and go for something like an ube coco rhum jam.

Chocolate-covered nuts 

Who can forget chocolate? Chocolate and ice cream are best buddies! Chocolate-covered pili nuts on plain ice cream add a hint of richness, and a subtle saltiness.

These are just a few of the ways of the ice scream – we’re pretty sure you have your own little hacks for it too! But one thing stands true: on a hot, sticky day – NOTHING cools you down like a scoop or three of your favorite frozen treat. Cheers!