Feel Super with A Buzz From The Bees’ Superhoney


by The One World Deli Team

Have you ever tried superhoney?       

No, it’s not the typical honey you find in supermarkets and grocery stores. It’s also not Manuka Honey from New Zealand. Superhoney is a special kind of wild honey that’s 100% pure and undiluted, it has a unique flavor and texture plus proven to be beneficial to one’s health. 

So, how do you know if it’s superhoney? Easy! Just look for A Buzz From The Bees. Harvested from the pristine and unpolluted forests of Western Australia, their superhoney is the kind of honey you’d always want to be available in your pantry.        

What you’ll love about A Buzz From The Bees’ superhoney is that they’re all-natural and untainted from any kind of additive or preservative. The Aussie honey brand comes in three delicious variants: Jarrah Honey, Red Gum Honey, and Blackbutt Honey. Each has a distinct flavor and texture so you can even have the option of enjoying a different flavor, daily.  

Imagine, enjoying natural-tasting honey drizzled on your French toast, morning muesli, or buttered bread! Feel free to also use it in marinades, sauces, and as a dressing! What you don’t realize though is they can also provide you with health benefits like soothing a sore throat or help treat a cough. It can even act as a probiotic to boost your immune system. 

But what makes superhoney super?        

To put it simply, the health benefits of honey can be measured by its Total Activity (TA). It refers to the weight of antimicrobial properties in honey—the higher the TA, the better! For example, Manuka Honey has MGO scores equivalent to about 10-20+ TA ratings. The Blackbutt Honey is a contender to most Manuka Honey with its solid 15+ TA rating. The Jarrah Honey and Red Gum Honey both have 35+ TA ratings, the highest compared to all others–it’s what you would consider as honey at its best!   

Yes, honey may just be considered to be a sweetener, but it can be more than that. Think about the variety it would bring to your meals and its outstanding health benefits. Think about A Buzz From The Bees’ superhoney and how it can save the day!