Raise Your Steak Game with John Stone

raise your steak game with john stone

Do you take your steak seriously? Are you the kind of steak lover who checks your beef’s texture and marbling? Are you meticulous about how it's cut and the degree of redness in appearance? Do you even ask if it's grain-fed, corn-fed, or grass-fed? If your answer is yes to all, then we’ve got the steak that’s right for you!

Introducing John Stone, the beef brand for steak connoisseurs and serious beef eaters. It’s like eating the finest steak that’s been crafted by time thanks to all the effort and thought that goes into preparing their beef.   

But how does John Stone produce their award-winning beef? Well, it's thanks to their century-long expertise in cattle farming and butchery and having mastered the art of traditional dry-aging, which produces the most uniquely flavored and impressively marbled, tender Irish beef that you can imagine.  

The brand takes pride in working only with small-scale, family-owned farms across Ireland. Compared to big-scale cattle ranches, these generational farmers are very familiar with the animals they take care of—from how much grass the cattle eat to observing their habits and health history. Their no hormones, no shortcuts, and no-nonsense approach in cattle farming is heavily reputed! The cows are so spoiled and treated with so much care and precision that the master butchers can even trace every cut they make by generation.  

This is also the reason why John Stone has been awarded the ‘Gold Medal Status’ repeatedly from the prestigious World Steak Challenge where top beef suppliers from all over the world compete for the title. The depth and deliciousness of the flavor of their beef are uncanny earning the respect of numerous top chefs from around the world.   

With premium beef made with this high caliber, just thinking about their steaks would make you salivate with excitement! So, if you’re very serious about your steak, reward yourself with a delicious cut from John Stone and experience the unique difference of finest-tasting Irish beef.