Spiced Chicken with Honey Soy Garlic Sauce

Who doesn’t love chicken? It’s so versatile and when done right, is delicious for sure. Sad to say though, it can get boring and predictable when you cook it the same way, repeatedly. Well, here’s a little gift to boost your cooking spirits—a recipe to put something new and exciting on the table and without much effort!
We take some chicken thighs, marinate it in spices for a nice flavor kick, give it a good sear, and make a beautiful garlic soy honey sauce using this awesome Blackbutt honey from a small Aussie company called A Buzz From The Bees. (The honey is super high in Total Activity—one of the highest in the market, in fact, which is a way of saying it’s really good for you, your health, and most importantly, your immune system!) The chicken is then served with a buttery, herby cilantro rice—think restaurant-quality meal that all of us can make at home. Now that’s a winner, winner, chicken dinner kind of a meal. Cheers! 

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